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Mar Jennings presents affordable, creative and inspiring projects to dress up your home, garden and life, featuring vignettes in the areas of gardening, cooking, how-to segments and expert advice, as well as interviewing professional and celebrity guests. Mar Jennings' accomplishments have been covered in many regional and national media outlets. Please check back regularly for all the news on Mar!

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    Join lifestyle expert, author and TV Host Mar Jennings, as he explores with you some of the best ideas for creating a fabulous, stress-free garden and home inspired by Mother Nature—all while maximizing your outdoor living space. Have a low budget or need to stay in a budget? No problem, as Mar offers his personal resources and secrets that will motivate you like never before.  A wealth of information awaits you. This informative presentation will transport you via a photographic essay through the seasons, seeing a garden and home through Mar's distinctive eye for style and beauty. Join Mar for a virtual private tour of his enchanting Westport, Connecticut home, gardens and vine-covered garden studio. All your senses will be awakened by Mar's casual luxury approach to making all things functional, beautiful and attainable to do.  You will have fun, learn and pass it on.  Be sure to bring your note pad, as you don't want to miss a thing.

    Experience for yourself how life on Mar's is possible with Mar Jennings himself!



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    Domestic Guru, Mar Jennings Evolutionizes “No No’s” into “Know Know’s

    As featured in Westport Patch
    By RJ Grand

    As we know, MARtha Stewart’s show has been dropped by the networks. However, if you’re searching for exceptional ideas to astonish, Mar Jennings is passionate when it comes to home, gardening, his career and is comfortable being on television. Tapping into his skill sets, he has propelled himself into a lifestyle related national brand while creating a multimedia company along the way. As an author, lifestyle expert and national television personality, he delivers beyond the ordinary when it comes to creativity. Mar Jennings, of Westport, Connecticut is the new domestic guru.

    Knowing Mar when he was a former competitive figure skater in the 80’s, I wasn’t surprised when I rediscovered him as an author and television host for FOX. He’s the person I watched astound those surrounding him by creating something fabulous from the unimaginable even back then.

    Today, Mar has taken millions around the world on a journey to make their own hearts tick by providing affordable lifestyle tips for the home, garden and life. He has always had discipline, dedication and hard work ethics. As a former regional and sectional figure skating championship in 1994, Mar entered the corporate financial world as manager for Citibank in Westport. His career lead him to many other financial institutions and in 2005 Mar became a Senior Vice-President for Hudson United Bank located in the former town hall building on the Post Road in Westport. He was responsible for 44 branches and over 220 employees throughout the State of Connecticut. Mar used that same discipline to build his own multimedia career.

    RJ: How did you acquire your multimedia career?

    Mar: In 2002, I was working for Chase Bank on Main Street and had already allocated our charity/marketing funds when I was approached by Dress For Success Mid Fairfield County (DSMFC) to support a new house tour that year. Not wanting them to walk away empty handed, I offered for them to use my downtown Westport home, “Rosebrook Gardens.” It was the first time I ever considered opening my home to total strangers so I had no idea what to expect. They came to visit and the moment they walked through the door they said, “Yes, oh yes! We must have this house on the tour.” While they toured, I found they were totally absorbed by my gardens, decorating, design details and passion for my home. Words of perfectly decorated, incredibly comfortable and cozy where music to my ears. Today, I build my career by teaching others how they too, can achieve the same look and feel--I refer to this as a causal luxury approach.

    RJ: Is there someone who was your inspiration?

    Mar: Oh, yes. In 2005, I lost my mentor, devoted friend and confidant Edward R. Smith, at the age of 47. His words of encouragement, patience and guidance helped me secure a solid foundation for my life and the courage to live my dreams. His short, but meaningful life will forever remain in my heart. He told me right after that house tour that this was what I was meant to be doing and that I needed to focus on my god given gifts rather than suppressing them. With his continued support, I created as a creative outlet. Today, is visited throughout the world as a distinctive resource for all things home and garden related. I have loved, lost and grown both spiritually and professionally along the way on and my multimedia company is a refection of who I am and all things that I love.

    RJ: Thank you for sharing that, Mar. What charities did you first open to for home tours?

    Mar: After opening my home for DSMFC, I was hooked. In 2004, I participated in the Westport Historical Society Garden Tour. The next year coming off of the huge success and comments from attendees, I did a private tour and lecture for them called the Passionate Gardener. In 2008, Near & Far Aid came knocking to participate in their House Tour. Reviews of my home were over the top and in 2010, I was honored when the prestigious National Garden Conservatory Tour invited me to be part of their national garden tour. Now, that rocked!

    RJ: Would you reflect on traveling for work?

    Mar: I enjoy traveling and discovering the world whether personal or professional, but I always long for returning back to Rosebrook Gardens after two weeks. Its mostly in part to finding my inner-strength when I’m home surrounded by the beauty and the comforts of it. The wonderful memories, the design sense and the special touches make my home not just a house, but rather a real home. I’m house-proud, no doubt, and I cherish every moment.

    RJ: Word has it that you authored another book about the interiors of your home?

    Mar: Yes, that’s correct. My next book follows the series of Life on Mar’s, but this time it’s all about “Creating Casual Luxury Room to Room.” I take you on a private tour from the moment you enter the front door. I showcase all the details, color choices and furniture placement concepts along with all my design secrets. Its a hard covered book with approximately 220-250 pages. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The launch date is scheduled for sometime late fall this year. Stay tuned—You will love it! If you don’t have it already, I suggest you make sure to get my current book; Life On Mar’s, A Four Season Garden as this is the foundation of a series of six. Its available on and through your local bookstore. Ask for it by name as it is a best seller.

    RJ: What advice would you encourage for success?

    Mar: The most important advice is to always stay grounded and focused on what you love. Set mini goals, thus more attainable, rather than large goals that often take several years to achieve. Every year should be a step in the right direction. And remember, everything happens for a reason. You may ask yourself, why didn’t I get that job? I tried so hard. If you didn’t get it, don’t lose sight, or get frustrated. It was all part of the greater plan and not meant to be. Stay confident, and persevere. You’re worth it!

    RJ: You’re looked at as a talent. People are curious about your insight when it comes to being an authority. How do you feel about this?

    Mar: I’m honored that people look to me as a resource. I love it as it comes with a responsibility. RJ, my perspective on lifestyle is as much about form and function as it is about individual distinction. As President and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of a multimedia and design company, my brand of lifestyle combines an infectious energy with a passion for conveying information in ways that are fun and inspirational to all. My career combines television, radio, print media and theinternet as mediums for an obtainable casual luxury lifestyle. It’s a dream come true.

    RJ: And you enjoy canine companions, as well.

    Mar: My fur baby, Lady Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schnorkenheimer just celebrated her third birthday in December. She is a good girl and a reflection of me. She’s an inspiration and is trained by her daddy. I also love to write about her life on Mar’s.

    RJ: Speaking of training, I bet you can produce fabulous tips right off the top for our readers.

    Mar laughs. Mar: I certainly can. I love giving sMARt tips.

    Mar’s tips for the beginning days of spring.

    1) Pruning: In early March, take down any large ornamental grasses by cutting ones that were left for winter drama. With a pruning saw or strong hand and pruners take down grasses to 10-12". Any late summer or fall blooming shrubs can be cut back to 8-10", if you so desire. This encourages fresh new growth and keeps their size under control. Some shrubs I commonly prune are Hydrangea" Annabelle" and “Callicarpa”. Clematis Viticella species and hybrids should be cut back to two buds. Roses can be pruned as the buds begin to swell. Leave the Rugosa roses alone, but on the rest of the shrub, take the main shoots down to an outward facing bud usually around 12-18". For the climbing roses, all the main canes are left to grow and be trained, but note, side shoots are taken down to two buds.

    2) Clean up: Maintaining your garden should be a year round delight. I find myself in the garden no matter what time of year it is, but in early March, I start removing and replacing any plants, and plan my spring and summer projects in the garden. Regarding perennial garden clean up, winter can be messy on a perennial garden. Rake old leaves, clean up old foliage and remove older leaves as the fresh new growth begins from evergreen perennials. Mulch and edge the gardens yearly. If you plan on feeding the garden, do it before you put any mulch down.

    3) Fertilizing: I use a 10-10-10 fertilizer before mulching and edging the gardens. At this time, the plants are beginning to be active and can use the food. I feed my shrubs, conifer and mixed borders. If you’re not sure, if you need to fertilize, this would be a great time for soil testing.

    RJ: Ah, soil testing. I remember you to be a solutionist.--it’s no wonder you offer this as a sMARt tip.

    Mar: I’ve always believed, no matter the career, you have to do good in your life by helping others. I’ve worked on this philosophy by either donating books, garden tours, lectures or just rolling up my sleeves. There is an obligation for all of us to find something we can do to help. Our local charities can benefit greatly from our help and support. Discover your local historical society, art center or even your church. It should be a direct line to your heart and soul.

    RJ:. What has extending your talented hands to others brought you?

    Mar: I’ve been so blessed with many people approaching me about trying to duplicate my work and how a taste on Life on Mar’s has changed their lives. I give as a means of personal growth, as well as a way to help others.

    RJ: Please divulge feedback from your viewers. Delight me with an experience.

    Mar: I transformed a room for a Fox show I hosted called Dream Room Makeover last summer. I took a living room and dining room and created three aMARzing zones. Viewers loved my tips, color choices and how I designed the room to maximize its fullest potential. Just last month the owner thanked me again for the incredible experience and the makeover that has changed his life.

    RJ: Being on television, do you have an obligation to viewers?

    Mar: There’s an obligation and responsibility to use your voice, likeness and brand to do something good and meaningful for everyone. I talk to them not at them-- I live by that.

    RJ: Was there ever a time your creativity was refrained?

    Mar: Yes. I tried to blend in during my banking career. I suppressed my creativity everyday as it was not normal or encouraged to be creative in the banking world. They wanted business networking meetings-- I wanted a gala. They wanted an open house--I wanted a wine tasting party. I did that for too many years rather than making a stand and being different. I hid my internal flair and abilities behind a Brooks Brothers suit. Enough was enough, and as time went on, I realized how important it is to be different. That said, I remember as a young boy no more than twelve, I pretended to be sick so I could stay home. That day, I rearranged the living room furniture and accessories. When my mother arrived back home, she said to me, “I thought you were sick?” I replied, “ I was, but after redecorating the space I magically feel much better.” So you see, even back then, I had the ability to put together great designs.

    Mar is the host of Northeast Living, a weekly lifestyle television show featuring "the best of the best" from along the eastern seaboard, and is FoxCT/CT1 Media'sin-house host and lifestyle expert. Mar is also a correspondent and home andgarden expert for Better TV, a nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show; the program centers around all things which aim to make your life "better." In 2010 Mar joined the world of QVC as a garden Expert, exclusively for Cottage Farms Nursery. Over the years he has made multiple appearances on the Today Show, Food Network, ABC, CBS, CNN. Mar has been featured in Better Homes & Garden's Decorating Magazine, Home Magazine, Quick & Simple Magazine, Small Gardens Magazine, Page Six and the New York Times, among other national and local publications for both television and print. Mar’s lifestyle is both inspiring and a wonderful place to visit.

    While interviewing Mar, it was MARvelous reconnecting with him. If you need your battery recharged, whether it’s for your home, your heart or trying to figure out how to get started for the lifestyle you lead or desire, visit and experience the world of Life on Mar’s for yourself! You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter where, there too, you will find tons of great ideas.

    Mar’s tag line is simple and I love it. “And there you have it.”


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    Nationally recognized home and garden expert Mar Jennings will discuss his award-winning book Life On Mars, A Four Season Garden and his signature casual luxury design style and the process of creating a four-season home and garden. Passionate about communing with Mother Nature in unique ways, Mar is known for his inventive, original and resourceful design applications. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get inspiring answers to your home and garden design dilemmas. Mar has beenfeatured on HGTV,
 QVC, the Today Show, in the
 NY Times and many 
other local and national
 media outlets.

    AUGUST 18th 2012 


    561 Post Road East
    Westport, CT 06880



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    Sixteen years ago Rosebrook Gardens became my home, and its house and gardens have been the focus of my creativity ever since. Today, all of us here at Mar Jennings mark the beginning of a year-long Sweet 16 celebration of this foundation of our brand—and we’d love to invite you to be part of it.

    Celebrate with us by sharing your own personal experiences of Rosebrook Gardens.

    We’d love to know:

    • What does Rosebrook Gardens mean to you?
    • If you could visit in person what would you like to explore?
    • Has Rosebrook Gardens inspired a project in your house?

    Or perhaps you have been here and experienced a tour? Tell us all about it.

    Comments will be available for you to share with others; and some will even be considered for publication in an upcoming book. I can’t wait to hear from you.




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    Sunday, October 21st, 2012


    Rosebrook Gardens

    Westport, CT

    Join Mar Jennings as he instructs you how to assemble your own personalized terrarium. Take advantage of this hot design trend—while avoiding the "store-bought" prices. A fun and educational time guaranteed as you create beautiful, low-maintenance arrangements you can enjoy in any room in the house. Perfect for hostess gifts for the coming holiday season, too.

    Registration now open, space limited to 12 persons.  




    Fee: $100      Includes:

    • Your own terrarium to take home – all plants and other materials will be provided; simply bring your own glass vessel
    • Champagne
    • Autographed copy of the best-selling book Life on Mar's: A Four Season Garden
    • Garden tour
    • Garden Q&A

    Plus lots of photo-ops.

    Sign-up with friends or meet new ones here! Learn, have fun and pass it on.

    To register, contact

    *All attendees will be confirmed by Friday, October 12th. Confirmation e-mail will include address and payment options.


    Learn more about these fabulous terrrariums:


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    Mar Jennings, Emmy-Nominated TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and Award-winning Author Visits London, England the week of November 19th, 2012.    

    Most people think of gardens as a visual delight in spring and summer only; Mar Jennings shows you why Fall and Winter are overlooked times for gardeners as he shares how he designed his Westport, Connecticut gardens to have visual interest and beauty through all four seasons. His gardens are truly inspired by the traditional English Gardens of the United Kingdom, and are wonderfully illustrated in his best-selling book Life on Mars: A Four Season Garden.

    About Mar Jennings: Currently the host of Northeast Living, a weekly lifestyle television show featuring "the best of the best" from along the eastern seaboard, and is FoxCT/CT1 Media's in-house host and lifestyle expert. Mar is also a correspondent and home and garden expert for Better TV, a nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show; the program centers around all things which aim to make your life "better." In 2010 Mar joined the world of QVC as a garden Expert, exclusively for Cottage Farms Nursery. Over the years he has made multiple appearances on the Today Show, HGTV, Food Network, ABC, CBS, CNN. Mar has been featured in Better Homes & Garden's Decorating Magazine, Home Magazine, Quick & Simple Magazine, Small Gardens Magazine, Page Six and the New York Times, among other national and local publications for both television and print.

    About the Book:Award-winning and a best-seller. A house, a garden and a book to match: Life On Mar’s: A Four Season Garden is a deluxe, oversized coffee table book. It chronicles the evolution of Mar Jennings’ garden, and how he planned it to provide visual interest and beauty through all four seasons. Photographed entirely on Mar Jennings’ property.

    Chapters divide the book into each part of the year; gardening advice, gorgeous photos, and a seasonal recipe and cocktail all help you celebrate the changes in nature. As Mar Jennings’ viewers know, his tag-line “And there you have it” sums up how easy his projects and ideas are to achieve and incorporate. You will be inspired and delighted by this charming book.

    Mar and will bring the red, white and blue of the USA to the UK as no other home and garden expert can. The famous UK sign reads “Stay calm and carry on.” But in this case let’s paraphrase it: “Stay calm and book early.”

    Available through Midpoint Trade Books

    27 W 20th St, Suite 1102

    New York, NY 10011




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    When you are given the responsibility to book special guests for your speaking engagements, I’m sure you are expected to find someone memorable, engaging and, above all, an authority—so consider Mar Jennings for your next event, promotion or project.

    We are currently booking Mar’s 2013 national garden lecture/book tour.

    Emmy-nominated TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and best selling author Mar Jennings is a master at getting the message out and instantly connecting with his audience. Mar’s perspective on communicating to others is as much about form and function as it is about individual distinction. Based in Westport, Connecticut, Mar Jennings is also President and CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of a multimedia and design company, S&J Multimedia LLC. Mar Jennings’ brand of lifestyle and hosting combines an infectious energy and passion for conveying information in ways that are fun and inspirational to all, making Mar one of the most desirable personalities in the business.

    Mar’s approach is to inform and inspire audiences with simple yet clever ideas, thus his motto ”Casual luxury made simple and sMARt.” From sMARt quick tips to complete projects that make life and family time easy, and fun—from gardening to decorating, from entertaining to fashion.  By showcasing unique emerging trends while still reinforcing use of local resources, Mar guides you step by step on how to translate casual luxury into your own home and life. (An overview of his most popular lecture is below.)


    TV host, lifestyle expert and author Mar Jennings will discuss his photographic essay documenting the four seasons of his Westport, Connecticut garden and garden studio. This amazing PowerPoint presentation provides over 100 photos of Mar's beautiful garden design, detail and implementation ideas that are easy enough for novices and interesting enough for seasoned gardeners. His garden, the subject of his award-winning book Life on Mar’s, A Four Season Garden, has been featured on television and magazines across the country. He will share a wealth of inspirational ideas and creative projects to dress up your home, garden, and life. Mar simplifies the art of casual luxury while showing you how to develop your green thumb and flair for design with a sophisticated sense of style, color and harmony that will inspire you with the spirit of the outdoors.

    To book an interview or phone appointment with Mar Jennings, request a fee schedule or a copy of Life On Mar’s, A Four Season Garden, please contact us at 203-227-7935 or you may e-mail Paul Darcy Mitchell directly at

    Thank you and we look forward to working with you. 


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  • 12/07/12--13:37: Happy Holidays from team MAR
  • Another wonderful year is drawing to a close--and it's all been thanks to you! And of course my MARvellous core team: Trish, my VP of Special Events and Promotion; Katie, my personal assistant and Segment Coordinator; and Paul, my Editor in Chief.

    Every day we read your e-mails, Tweets and Facebook posts to get inspiration for what will make your casual luxury life simple and sMARt. I hope you have read or seen something you inspired! Don't forget to let us know what we can do to make 2013 your best year!

    We sincerely hope you have the most magical of holiday seasons and wish you a prosperous new year! 

    all the best--Team MAR


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    Mar Jennings is a nationally renowned TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and best-selling author. He has created sMARt tips that aired in major local and national markets and is now proud to join the dynamic team of WTNH & MY TV 9 to bring Connecticut viewers the best and most informative home and garden lifestyle tips available.

    Jennings is a well-known home expert and is an authority, with a wide range of experience and expertise, including:
     - Lifestyle Expert for QVC/Cottage Farms Nursery, where he answered live on air questions on all gardening related topics
     - Author of best selling book: Life On Mar’s, A Four Season Garden filled with garden designs and recipes. 
     - Represented national brands, including Macy’s, HomeGoods, Breyers, Solo Cups, Space Bags and more.
     - Successfully integrated clients’ products and services into live promotional segments across the country.

    You may also know Jennings as the charming host of several popular series including "Mar Jennings Home & Garden," Dream Wedding, Dream Room Makeover, Holiday Wishes, and the Emmy Nominated show  "Northeast Living.” He has appeared as a designer and lifestyle expert and authority on HGTV, the Today Show, the Style Network, Food Network, ABC, CBS, CNN, QVC and many other venues across the country. Mar has been featured in Page Six, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Better Homes & Garden Magazine, Home Magazine, Quick & Simple Magazine and Small Gardens Magazine, as well as other national and local television and print media. 

    For a complete media package or questions please contact:

    Paul Mitchell or

    Trish Maskell 



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    You are invited to attend the world's longest-running and largest indoor Flower Show

    Join a Philadelphia tradition and make incredible memories March 2 - March 10, 2013.
    MAR JENNINGS' A Four Season Garden With English Roots 
    MARch 9TH, 1:00PM 

    Emmy-nominated TV host, lifestyle expert and best-selling gardening author Mar Jennings will discuss his photographic essay documenting the four seasons of his Connecticut garden and garden studio. From the lawn to the layout and from the flowers to the folly—all directly inspired by visits to and plans of traditional English gardens. This amazing presentation shows over 100 photos of Mar's beautiful garden design, detail and implementation ideas that are easy enough for novices and interesting enough for seasoned gardeners.

    His garden, the subject of his award-winning book Life on Mar’s, A Four Season Garden, has been featured on television shows and magazines across the country. He will share a wealth of inspirational ideas and creative projects to dress up your home, garden, and life. Mar simplifies the art of casual luxury while showing you how to develop your green thumb and flair for design. With Mar’s sophisticated sense of style, color and harmony you will be inspired by the spirit of the outdoors. 


    Come to the Flower Show and participate in a tradition dating back to 1829!




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    On Saturday, March 23, at 2 p.m., the Farmington main library will host Emmy-nominated TV host, lifestyle expert and best-selling gardening author Mar Jennings to discuss his photographic essay documenting the four seasons of his Connecticut garden and garden studio, from the lawn to the layout and from the flowers to the folly all directly inspired by visits to and plans of traditional English gardens. This amazing presentation shows Mar's beautiful garden design, detail and implementation ideas that are easy enough for novices and interesting enough for seasoned gardeners.

    His garden, the subject of his award-winning book, "Life on Mar's, A Four Season Garden," has been featured on television shows and magazines across the country. He will share a wealth of inspirational ideas and creative projects to dress up your home, garden, and life. Mar simplifies the art of casual luxury while showing you how to develop your green thumb and flair for design. With Mar's sophisticated sense of style, color and harmony, you will be inspired by the spirit of the outdoors. A book sale and signing of his book "Life on Mar's: A Four Season Garden" will follow.


    Location: Farmington Library

    Date: March 23, 2013

    Address: 6 Monteith Drive, Farmington, CT

    Time: 2:00 pm–4:00 pm

    Advanced registration is required for this program. Please register online, call 860-673-6791, or visit the Adult Desk.


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    Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art 

    600 Main Street

    Hartford, CT 06103

    (860) 278-2670

    Saturday, April 20, 2013

    Garden Talk, Luncheon & Book Signing with Garden and Lifestyle Expert Mar Jennings – 11am-1pm

    Mar Jennings, Emmy-nominated TV host, lifestyle expert and best-selling gardening author, will discuss his photographic essay documenting the four seasons of his Connecticut garden and garden studio; from the lawn to the layout, to the flowers to the folly – all directly inspired by traditional English gardens. This presentation will highlight Mar’s beautiful garden design, detail and implementation ideas that are easy enough for novices and interesting enough for seasoned gardeners. Garden talk followed by a luncheon and book signing. $75, for tickets call (860) 838-4100 or buy tickets online.



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    Recently Emmy-nominated TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and best selling author Mar Jennings—one of the country’s top lifestyle experts—appeared on HGTV’s White Room Challenge, hosted by David Bromstad. Mar quickly became a fan favorite.  With a new interior design book already in the works and set to release in September, fans and devoted followers showed their support with record-breaking pre-orders both on and

    Jennings was quoted as saying about the show: “I won…three new friends, an experience of a lifetime and bragging rights.” Although the room of another designer took the cake, Mar literally made one. Filmed in LA almost a year ago, he says “The memories and partnership with the network, producers and casting directors—not to mention my fellow designers—will last a lifetime.”  And now that the show has aired he is dishing all about it!

    Every contestant had a reason for hoping to win; some to help their businesses, some to help loved ones. Something important to Jennings was not shown on TV—it was “left on the cutting room floor”: Jennings was playing to benefit The Trevor Project, a national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. His proceeds, if he had won, would have gone to the organization.

    Although thousands of people apply to be on the show, few have the privilege to participate. In every episode, four designers compete to each transform a plain, white room into something amazing; the room comes furnished with a simple sofa, two wooden chairs, a basic dining table, and a coffee table (all white). The room must end up decorated in a specific theme, on-budget, in just 15 hours. The prize? Ten thousand dollars.

    Jennings episode’s theme: create a celebratory space for a Sweet 16 Party. The catch? Using items purchased from a local Army/Navy Surplus Store. “I was honored to be competing against three very talented designers, so I knew I had to be focused,” said Jennings.  His mind was racing with ideas. Nothing screamed ‘celebration’ to him more than a big birthday cake. Jennings’ “Colossal Dream Cake” design was not a literal interpretation of a party space, as Jennings thought that might be too easy and straightforward, but was a more creative approach: a giant birthday cake, dripping with icing, inside a gigantic gift box, surrounded by presents. “It was the fantasy of a 16 year old birthday girl, dreaming about her big day,” he explained. Jennings wanted to use the 10x10ft space as an outlet to infuse with creativity, and wait till you hear what he repurposed: lots of camouflage netting, hundreds of bandanas, t-shirts, bullets, colored roping, sailor hats and light sticks. “I wanted to show that I could think outside the box by creating a design inside a literal box!” he laughed.

    He worked to find ways to reuse and repurpose all his existing items. The sofa’s inner foam became fluffy white icing; the chairs and tables were cut down, upholstered and turned into presents—in the fantasy of the dream they were filled with shoes and handbags, of course. The Army/Navy Surplus Store items were manipulated to become almost unrecognizable as what they really were; they became his bunting, frosting, piped icing, rosettes, sprinkles, and more.

    Jennings finished early, and stayed under budget—even lent money to a fellow designer—and advised those who asked. In the end, designerArica Peterson won the ten thousand dollars—but he says they all won each others’ hearts.

    “I know that seems unexpected,” he admitted. He went on to explain that after spending time with such creative people, being whisked from place to place with cameras and producers, on early morning and late night shoots, somehow it glued them all together.

    The experience allowed them to make friends with each other from the moment they met. And although it never appears this way in the final episode—“Drama is more fun to watch, after all!” he says, smiling—he assures me that Ursalie Smith, Jeremy Grubb, the winner Arica and he all found excitement and fun from being together, sharing this experience, and getting to know each other.   

    Jennings says we shouldn’t be surprised that he found something beautiful amidst the stress of filming; “I’m a lifestyle expert; I love to repurpose things into something cherished.” Jennings first book continues this theme; currently available, it is the best-selling gardening reference LIFE ON MAR’S, A Four Season Garden. His next book LIFE ON MAR’S, Creating Casual Luxury, will invite the public inside his Westport, Connecticut, home to explore his six design principles for creating a casual luxury home. This deluxe oversized coffee table book will be filled with photographic essays highlighting his philosophy, plus practical applications and resourcefulness applicable for any home or space. Both books retail for $19.99

    Jennings’ award-winning website www.marjennings.comis one of the best resources for home and garden design tips. In addition to the above, Jennings is currently in pre-production on several television programs and was recently asked to participate on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip, hosted by Lara Spencer this fall.







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    New York/CT– Emmy-nominated TV Host, Lifestyle Expert and best-selling author Mar Jennings throws pre-launch Gatsby themed garden party for his upcomingLIFE ON MAR’S, Creating Casual Luxury national book release scheduled for September 2013.

    Jennings is a master at entertaining, as 250 guests from the worlds of television and publishing—along with colleagues and personal friends—arrived to a Gatsby inspired party with all the bells and whistles of the roaring twenties.

    Two vintage classic cars perched on the drive set the tone: a 1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Tilbury Sedan and a 1931 Cadillac V-12 Convertible Coupe, both provided by Dragone of Westport, Connecticut. The scene immediately prompted guests to journey back in time, aided by French champagne, in glasses with a Roaring Twenties silhouette, of course—prohibition was definitely over.

    The centerpiece of the garden party buffet was a spectacle created by Classic Cakes, located in West Hartford: a recreation of Jennings’ home "Rosebrook Gardens" in perfect scale as a delicious Coconut cake.

    Jennings greeted his guests in a white linen suit from Brooks Brothers, perfectly conjuring the image of Leonardo DiCaprio in the recent film.  Guest toured the featured inspired home and experienced firsthand Jennings’ approach for creating a casual luxury home and garden while summery jazz played from hidden speakers. Why the twenties theme? “We tend to look back on all eras with nostalgia, but there is something about the combination of the elegance and carefree nature of the twenties that still appeals to everyone,” said Jennings. “It reminds me of how I want my guests to feel in my home, and what I want to capture with casual luxury in a modern way.”

    Casual luxury is Mar Jennings’ signature style and in his new book LIFE ON MAR’S, Creating Casual Luxury he offers six design principles as the cure to all design dilemmas. “No matter what size space or style you may have, my design principles provide you with the much needed tools to make the right choices. From choosing colors to furniture placement and everything in between.  Casual luxury can work in your home regardless of its size or the spaces within it; casual luxury has no boundaries and can be applied in any home,” Jennings says. The hardcover, coffee-table book is already available for pre-orders through Barnes & Noble or at the suggested retail price of $19.95 with already record breaking demand.

    Most recently Jennings was selected to appear on several HGTV series, including The White Room Challenge and Flea Market Flip. He is an on-going correspondent and home and garden expert for The Better Show, a nationally syndicated lifestyle show.  Over the years he has made multiple appearances on the Today Show, The Food Network, ABC, CBS, CNN and QVC. For more information about this upcoming book, publication dates, interviews, speaking engagements or media tours  click here


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    Miami, FL, July 22, 2013- Joy Agness, CEO of South Miami’s Joy Agness Events, presents Love & Sunshine, a global destination wedding conference and expo scheduled for Sunday, October 20, 2013 at the world-renowned Biltmore Hotel located in Coral Gables, Florida.

    Love & Sunshine Destination Wedding Conference & Expo is the premier training resource for wedding professionals in the luxury market to network with industry leaders, keep up with the latest trends, and learn effective business strategies to grow their skills in the destination wedding industry.

    “I’m delighted to offer such an event for the industry while also providing a platform for other businesses to highlight their professional services and products. There is no better place to bring the magic and the passion of the wedding industry together to help professionals learn to grow their own businesses than surrounded by the ambiance of The Biltmore Hotel. Preston Bailey and Mar Jennings are incredible, and offer just an example of the guest speakers we will have at this our first event. I anticipate great responses from the industry all over the world, wedding businesses and the local press as they have all embraced the business of making dreams come true,” said Joy Agness. 

    This one-day event will feature Preston Bailey who is globally-celebrated for his ability to completely transform raw, ordinary spaces into lush, theatrical environments. Bailey is known for his unique ability to translate the dreams of each client into an awe-inspiring reality. Preston will share stories, tips, inspirations, and lessons he has learned in his 30-plus year career.

    Special guest star and speaker Mar Jennings, a nationally renowned TV Host, Lifestyle Expert
and best-selling author known for his signature style Casual Luxury, will speak on building your own empire and brand one day at a time.  Jennings is the host of many lifestyle shows, including Dream Wedding and is the columnist behind “You Can’t Get Married without MAR” for CT Gets Married; over the years, he has appeared on HGTV, the Today Show, QVC, the Style Network, Food Network, FOX, ABC, CBS and CNN.


    About Joy Agness:

    Joy Agness is a certified Preston Bailey Wedding & Event Designer with accreditation from Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute (LWPI) and holds a Wedding Planning Diploma. Joy has 24 years experience in the Wedding & Event Planning industry. She was called upon to host the annual Reggae Carnival Fest, a multicultural music festival featuring international artistes and promoters in South Florida. Joy has also been called on by other planners in the industry to assist and manage large scale events. She is a preferred vendor at numerous venues and premiere wedding affiliated firms.

    She was inducted into the Cambridge WHO's WHO for outstanding Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs in 2008 and has been inducted in the Strathmore’s WHO's WHO Worldwide for exemplary professionals in 2012.


    Joy Agness Events (954) 345-7517


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    LIFE ON MAR’S: Creating Casual Luxury

    This deluxe oversized coffee table book is filled with photographic essays—beautifully shot by renowned photographer Stacy Bass—highlighting Mar Jennings’ unique Casual Luxury design philosophy, plus practical applications and inspiration for any home. 
    “It’s Casual Luxury made simple and sMARt!” as he invites us all inside his Westport, Connecticut, home. For the first time Jennings shares how he applies his six secret Casual Luxury design principles to create his signature—and envied—style. “These principles really are the cure for all design dilemmas,” he promises, sharing:
     -Insights into each Casual Luxury design principle.
     -Detailed design deconstruction of every room in his home.
     -Worksheets and sMARt tips to decode and solve hidden design dilemmas.
    Like an entire season of a great design show, LIFE ON MAR’S: Creating Casual Luxury will give readers access to an encyclopedia of great ideas to apply in their home. This lifestyle expert does it with simplicity and style, balancing natural solutions with everyday elegance that is attainable to all, regardless of budget.  
    Scheduled Release Date: October 2013
    LIFE ON MAR’S: Creating Casual Luxury
    Suggested Retail Price USA $19.95, CAN $22.95
    Hard Cover, Full Color, 156 Pages
    ISBN# 978-0-578-12082-9
 or call 212-727-0190

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    Each year at its annual signature breakfast, the Cultural Alliance of
    Western Connecticut recognizes extraordinary business, community, and
    volunteer leaders who have made an impact in the Greater Danbury
    region through their vital giving to the arts, history, and culture.
    There are three honors given every year: the “Business Supports the
    Arts” award, the “Arts in the Community” award,” and the “Heart of the
    Arts” award. On Thursday, October 17, 7:30am, at Crowne Plaza Danbury,
    Danbury Hospital & Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, Steve Greenberg,
    Chairman of Ives Concert Park, and Barbara Manners, Ridgefield
    Selectwoman, will step up to the podium before a room full of their
    peers to receive their much deserved commendations. The Cultural
    Alliance will also present a special acknowledgement to the Newtown
    Cultural Arts Commission for its “HealingNewtown” project. TV
    personality Mar Jennings is the keynote speaker (pictured below). The
    2013 “Business Supports the Arts” breakfast’s bank sponsors are Union
    Savings Bank and Fairfield County Bank. For individual tickets, table
    sponsorships, and ad packages, go to or call 203.798.0760.

    The prestigious “Business Supports the Arts” award, presented this
    year to Danbury Hospital and the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, is
    presented to mid-sized to large businesses for exemplary giving
    practices. Their significant collaboration to produce “Sweet Dreams,”
    a CD of lullabies from around the world, led to the distribution of
    1000 copies of the CD to patient families cared for in the Spratt
    Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Danbury Hospital. The
    partnership’s vital contributions to fund and support the project
    demonstrated a critical understanding of the value of the arts to all
    members of our community, including the tiniest, their families, and
    care givers.

    Steven Greenberg, Chairman of Ives Concert Park, is the recipient of
    the “Arts in the Community” award, promoting innovative approaches to
    using the arts to build and sustain creative communities that focus on
    economic development. Since appointed Chairman in 2005, the Ives
    Concert Park has generated an average attendance of 50,000 to 60,000
    guests annually to its many concerts, festivals, and performances.
    Under Steve’s leadership, the Ives has become a creative flagship and
    critical generator for economic development for the region.

    The “Heart of the Arts” award recognizes outstanding volunteer effort
    and an individual’s contribution to nurture arts and culture in their
    community to increase quality of life. Honoree Barbara Manners,
    Ridgefield Selectwoman and ardent arts leader, has dedicated sixteen
    years to promoting the arts in Ridgefield and throughout Connecticut.
     She has served on the board of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra, the
    advisory board for the Connecticut Folk Festival & Green Expo,
    formerly served as President of the Ridgefield Playhouse, and founded
    CHIRP, an outdoor summer series, and Acoustic Celebration, an indoor
    series during the colder months, in 2002.

    Keynote Speaker, Mar Jennings, an Emmy-nominated TV host, lifestyle
    expert and best selling author, is a master at creating a casual
    luxury lifestyle made simple and sMARt—and making it quickly
    understood and easy-to-apply with his trademark sMARt tips and
    techniques. Jennings comes from a background in banking and offers an
    interesting perspective on the value of creativity in work and
    personal lives. He has been featured on HGTV, the Today Show, QVC,
    Food Network, ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC. Jennings and his home and garden
    designs and tips have been profiled and featured in The New York
    Times, Huffington Post, Better Homes & Gardens’ Decorating Magazine,
    Home Magazine, Quick & Simple Magazine, and Small Gardens Magazine. He
    is the author of the nationally acclaimed, best selling “Life On
    Mar’s: A Four Season Garden.” Media and consumers alike rave about his
    award-winning website as one of the best resources
    for home and garden tips.

    The Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, based in Danbury,
    Connecticut, is a leader in supporting a vibrant arts and culture
    community in Northern Fairfield and Southern Litchfield Counties. The
    Cultural Alliance promotes and advocates for arts, history, and
    culture as a primary driver of the economy and as an enriching
    influence for communities and people. The Cultural Alliance
    understands and believes that the arts sector is a critical engine for
    growth through creativity, innovation and collaboration. The Cultural
    Alliance of Western Connecticut, a 501c-3, is the largest and only
    regional service organization working to ensure better access to arts
    and culture for all residents and visitors in the Housatonic Valley
    region. The Cultural Alliance is supported by public funding,
    corporate and private contributions, and by its membership.


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    Actor Paul Reiser will headline the third annual Comedy Night Fundraiser, a benefit for Mikey’s Way Foundation, on Saturday, Nov. 2, 7 p.m. at Stamford’s Palace Theatre.

    For tickets, which cost $50, $60 and $75, visit Mikey’s Way or Stamford Center for the Arts.

    New York comedian Chris Monty will open the show, which will be hosted by TV personality, best selling author and lifestyle expert Mar Jennings.

    There will be a “Meet & Greet” shortly after the conclusion of the event.

    Based in Fairfield, Mikey’s Way Foundation helps “connect and enrich the lives of children suffering with cancer, and other life threatening illnesses,” according to the organization’s website.

    Reiser is best known for his part in the 1990s TV sitcom “Mad About You.” The role earned him nominations for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, an American Comedy Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.


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  • 11/03/13--09:07: HOUSE TOUR

    Mar Jennings Classic New England Christmas House Tour

    WHS’ House Tour Delivers the Joy of Christmas

    Imagine a spacious New England country home whose rooms reflect all the cheer and warmth of the holidays. Throw a log on the fire to add to the glow.

    On Saturday, Dec. 8, you can experience the special magic of a New England Christmas as part of the Westport Historical Society’s 27th Annual Holiday House Tour and toast the season at an “Eat, Drink & Be MARry” party at Terrain, one of Westport’s most imaginative home and garden retail spaces.

    The after-party will feature hors d’oeuvres prepared by Terrain’s staff; wine and music; and the chance to bid in live auction on such fabulous holiday gifts as a trip to Africa and tickets to the Emmys.

    “This will be the event of the year when it comes to celebrating the holiday season,” said lifestyle expert Mar Jennings, who is helping the Historical Society with preparations. “It will be like a Bing Crosby Christmas special.”  

    The homes for this year’s tour have been selected to showcase the special Christmas spirit of New England, and all will be decked out in designer holiday finery.

    Here’s the glittering lineup:

    • a magnificent Federal-style home in a park-like setting,
    • a 7,000-square-foot Adirondack-style log home on a quiet lane,
    • two beautiful Colonials, one with a touch of Golden Age Hollywood, the other with a study paneled with reclaimed 18th century chestnut,
    • and a designer house owned by lifestyle expert and television personality Mar Jennings.

    Docents will be available in every open room of the homes to discuss the décor and design features, and in some cases the designers themselves will be present to answer questions. 

    And there’s more. On Jennings’ street there will be a pop-up Terrain store, carolers in Victorian costume and a lute ensemble, and Mar will be selling copies of his new book, “Life on Mar’s: Creating Casual Luxury.”

    So what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket now! Where else can you see inside five beautiful homes, gather designer decorating tips, shop, raise a glass to the holidays in beautiful surroundings and get to chat with TV personality Mar Jennings.    

    Call the Westport Historical Society at (203) 222-1424 for tickets. Cost of the Holiday House Tour is $50 for WHS members, $40 for nonmembers, $55 day of tour, and the Eat, Drink and Be MARry party is $75.

    These two unique holiday events are the Westport Historical Society’s major fundraiser of the year. All proceeds help it fulfill its mission of presenting and celebrating history in Westport. 



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    Jennings (also the author of "LIFE ON MAR'S: A Four Season Garden"), who has dispensed his design advice on HGTV and QVC, takes the reader on a tour of his Connecticut home to illustrate his design aesthetic of "casual luxury." Showing off every room of his house, as well as the garden, through 200-plus beautiful photographs, Jennings describes how he creates a timeless and comfortable look. Throughout, he adds design tips while adhering to his six design principles (represent Mother Nature, embrace light and reflection, incorporate natural materials and colors, repurpose, repeat shapes and patterns, and consider size and scale). A downloadable worksheet at the conclusion of the book is a useful tool to evaluate one's own abode. VERDICT: Given the practical advice here, as well as Jennings's renown as a lifestyle expert, this book will be helpful for do-it-yourselfers.

    Library Journal (02/01/2014) Copyright 2014 Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

    With a review like that, shouldn't your local library stock it? Meanwhile, to order your own personal copy, click  here: LIFE ON MAR'S: Creating Casual Luxury


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